Zelda Games – What Type of Game is Zelda

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The Legend of Zelda is one of the most famous video games of all time. Its storyline, characters, and game mechanics have spawned a series of games. There are several variations of the story and gameplay style, but most of the best Zelda-like games share certain features.

First and foremost, Zelda is a game of exploration and puzzles. Players must navigate through dungeons in order to find important items. In addition, dungeons are filled with difficult enemies. They often contain a “big key” that can be used to access the next area. Usually, the big key can also be used to solve some of the dungeon’s puzzles.

Other Zelda features include a magic compass that can reveal the location of smaller items. These items may be necessary to defeat a dungeon boss. Another feature is stasis, which freezes objects and stores kinetic energy.

Some games have been inspired by the Legend of Zelda, but the best are more action RPGs. Generally, the best games have an overworld and dungeons. Also, the best games have multiple abilities and equipment.

Breath of the Wild is an example of a more modern Zelda. While the game borrows from some of its most popular peers, it intentionally distances itself from its tangled lore.

It also takes a new approach to the loot system. This is designed to compensate for the difficulty of combat. Instead of having the traditional items like swords and potions, the game introduces RPG-style armour.

Photo by Connor Moyle on Unsplash