Where is the Forest Temple in Ocarina of Time?

forest temple

The Forest Temple in Ocarina of Time has a mysterious history. It is the first dungeon Link explores as an adult. His quest is to save his childhood friend Saria. He must travel through the Temple to retrieve the Shock Switch.

Aside from the Shock Switch, the Forest Temple is home to an impressive set of features. This includes a hot spot that generates a portal to a parallel universe.

The aforementioned hot spot also contains a triforce seal. However, it is not a direct link to the game.

What’s the purpose of the forest temple hot spot if you can’t get to it? Well, it’s probably a portal to Termina or another alternate reality.

Getting stuck in a dungeon can be frustrating. That’s why it’s important to read this guide from the beginning. You’ll need to know how to access all of the dungeon’s features before you can complete the main objective.

The Forest Temple is a complex structure with a lot of confusing features. There are monsters, puzzles and interesting features. One of the main reasons this dungeon is so interesting is because it’s a portal to an alternate reality.

If you’re thinking about trying to make it through the Forest Temple, here are the basics: Go down the elevator or stairs, avoid the hands, and use the Boss Key to get to the boss.

The Forest Temple has a number of cool features, including a twisted doorway, a twisted corridor, and a Shock Switch. You might even be able to find the triforce seal.

Photo by Gunjan Mahanta on Unsplash