Link’s Awakening – How to Move Rocks

gray rock on green grass field

If you’re new to Link’s Awakening on the Nintendo Switch, you may be confused about how to move rocks. Rocks are one of the first obstacles you will face during the game. In order to move them, you will need a Power Bracelet.

The Power Bracelet is an item that will allow Link to pick up and move rocks. This allows you to open new areas of the game map. It will also let you reach new dungeons.

To get the Power Bracelet, you need to visit a Bottle Grotto. You’ll also need a Rok’s Feather. These items are found in both the Bottle Grotto and Tail Cave. They will help Link avoid attacks. Also, you can use these to jump over gaps.

You can also throw rocks by pressing A. However, you need to make sure that you don’t pick them up before throwing them. Otherwise, they will not move. Another way to move the rocks is to walk up to them and press A again.

Moving the rocks will also unlock some cool side routes and cool loot. Some rocks will give you Rupees, Bombs, or Hearts. Others will give you Arrows. When they’re destroyed, they’ll also damage certain enemies.

As you can see, moving the rocks is important to the puzzles you’ll encounter throughout the game. Although the game can be difficult for those who are not experienced, it’s not impossible to find the right path to success.

Photo by Maxwell Ingham on Unsplash