Legend of Zelda – How to Get Iron Boots in the Wind Waker

legend of zelda

Obtaining Iron Boots is one of the main tasks of the Wind Waker. They are used in many of the dungeons in the game. In order to obtain them, you need to complete the Earth Temple.

Once you have them, you can activate certain switches, use Water Bombs to kill enemies, and walk through the deep water of the Water Temple. You can also press down weighted switches.

Iron Boots can be purchased for 80 rupees. In Ocarina of Time, they are changed into an item. However, the boots do not function underwater. The Wind Waker has the ability to change the direction of the wind. If you have the ability to fly, you can also use it.

Iron Boots can be found on Ice Ring Isle, which is a square near Forest Haven. This island is located in E6 zone. Another area where you can find them is Headstone Island. It is also the home of a sand castle, so if you are lucky, you may be able to get a treasure.

Iron Boots are also useful in fan currents. For example, if you are on the top of a tall tower, you can use them to push down the weighted switch. Other uses include gliding down a moving platform, or crossing a ledge.

They are also great at killing Gorons. If you have them, you will not be knocked around by the jets of steam. Also, they will hold Link steady if there is a strong gust of wind.

Photo by Ben Hamler on Unsplash