How to Play Legend of Zelda Four Swords Alone


When you think of the Legend of Zelda, you probably think of games that take players on a journey through a parallel universe. But, in truth, it is also a game about interacting with the NPCs. Four Swords is the first of the series to make multiplayer part of the experience.

In the original release, Four Swords required a player to have two Game Boy Advances and a Link Cable to play. This setup made the game a little difficult to navigate. Luckily, Nintendo eventually fixed this issue by adding a single-player mode.

While the single-player mode is great for throwing a few friends together, it didn’t have the competitive/cooperative aspect that made the multiplayer mode so enjoyable. It required a bit of babysitting, too.

However, when the Nintendo DSi came out, an update added a local multiplayer option to the game. It made it easier for four-players to connect.

The problem with this mode was that the levels weren’t varied enough. If you were playing alone, you wouldn’t have enough time to complete the game.

On the other hand, if you were playing with someone else, you could use a GameCube controller to move around. That way, you would be able to control the other Links.

The Anniversary Edition of Four Swords wasn’t as polished as the other titles in the franchise. However, it was still an excellent addition to the series. It was only available in North America for a short time, though.

Photo by Dan Schleusser on Unsplash