How to Dive in Zelda Using a Glitch

man in black shorts diving

Diving in Zelda is not possible. However, there are other ways to view the underwater world, including with the help of a glitch. Using this method, you can see the beautiful detail that exists beneath the surface of the water.

This glitch is not difficult to reproduce. You will need to do a few simple maneuvers. Once you’ve mastered the technique, you can use it in many places where water is present.

The first thing you need to do is locate an object with a ledge. After that, you must quickly press the ocarina button. As you do this, Navi will be pushed off the ledge. From there, you can jump to the edge of the waterfall.

There are also different ways you can trigger a cutscene while mid-air. This is usually done by jumping off of a ledge. But you can also use a shielded backflip. If you do this, your character will fall through the water as the cutscene plays.

Another way to dive is to use a Water Dragon’s Scale. It is a key item that can be obtained through various quests. While it does not allow you to breathe underwater, it does let you switch to a third-person perspective, allowing you to look below the water.

When you’re diving, Link’s Stamina is limited. If you have more stamina, you’ll have more time to swim. Also, there are aquatic plants and fish that don’t appear bland.

In addition to the above tips, you can also do a jumpslash to dive from a ledge. Use the left thumbstick for this.

Photo by Kiril Dobrev on Unsplash