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Trade Capacity Building and Private Sector Engagement - March 18, 2015 by zeldalegacy

For sustainable economic growth, developing countries must have the capacity to functionally interact with the global market. Much of the onus for building that capacity rests on a domestic commitment to reforms compatible with global trade. Many emerging markets have lofty aspirations that are unachievable given the current state of affairs, but are determined to rectify the situation. Access to…

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Building a Future for Syria’s Youth - March 5, 2015 by zeldalegacy

Check out this short video above about the course which includes some of our conversations with recent graduates and our colleagues at SEF. With the support and encouragement of the private sector, these inspiring young people have the ability to write a new chapter in Syria’s history, defined not by tragedy but by peace and prosperity. CIPE is proud to share their stories with you. Continue…

CIPE Development Blog

Building a Culture of Compliance in Emerging Markets - November 16, 2014 by zeldalegacy

Corruption is a destructive tax on business that hampers entrepreneurship and economic development. In the last two decades significant progress has been made in making the fight against corruption a top priority for governments and businesses worldwide.

Yet many challenges remain, including spreading best practices in anti-corruption compliance beyond large companies to smaller firms in global…

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Nigeria Elections 2015: Building the Private Sector Voice through Coalitions - September 29, 2014 by zeldalegacy

Nigeria’s upcoming elections have been attracting a lot of international attention because of the country’s population, economy, and political status, which are among the highest on the continent. Over the course of a few weeks in early 2015, Nigerians will elect state and national level leaders, including governors and the president.

While Nigerian civil society and the private sector have had…

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Capacity Building for Women Business Organizations in South Asia: What Participants Had to Say - September 27, 2013 by zeldalegacy

CIPE’s third networking and training session for the heads of women’s chambers of commerce and business associations was held on September 18-20 in Lahore, Pakistan, bringing together women business leaders from all over South Asia. Hear what they had to say about the training. CONTINUE READING

CIPE Development Blog

Capacity Building Efforts for Chamber Secretary Generals in Pakistan - July 2, 2013 by zeldalegacy

CIPE Pakistan has conducted Secretary General Conferences for the past four years to help build capacity through the training and development of Secretary Generals belonging to different chambers and associations. CONTINUE READING

CIPE Development Blog

Progressive Payment Schedule for Sub-divided Building (Residential) - March 20, 2013 by zeldalegacy

If you are buying an under construction  sub-divided building (Strata) or  town villa type property directly from the developer, the payments to the developers will be based on the construction progress of the said property. Buyer (or the lender) is required to pay progressive payment (mostly within 21 days) once the construction milestones achieved & approved by [...]

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Building Entrepreneurship Ecosystems - February 16, 2013 by zeldalegacy

Entrepreneurship plays a key role in every economy on earth, whether they are sanctioned or not (even in North Korea!) By innovating, providing jobs and creating wealth, the businesses that these entrepreneurs build play a huge role in the development … CONTINUE READING

CIPE Development Blog

Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Nepal - January 20, 2013 by zeldalegacy

It has become more and more widely acknowledged that entrepreneurship is an extremely powerful tool for development. Even Bono has been “humbled” by the importance of entrepreneurialism in efforts to reduce poverty. However, building a culture of entrepreneurship in emerging markets takes more than establishing opportunities for financing. CONTINUE READING

CIPE Development Blog

Building Organizational Capacity Around the World - December 23, 2012 by zeldalegacy

How can experienced professionals share their expertise to help build the capacity of associations around the world? With this question in mind, CIPE launched the KnowHow Mentorship in the summer of 2011. Since then, CIPE has linked various organizations from … CONTINUE READING

CIPE Development Blog

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