I should have planned ahead

You have heard it before, those of us opposed to “free” contraception for women (it’s the free part that is the issue) are attacking women’s health. But this is only one health care issue unique to women. There is a far more common potential affliction that affects virtually all women (and girls) of all ages. This condition causes pain, serious side affects and contributes to high health care costs.

While our social do-gooders focus on women while they are supine, the more widespread issue deals with the vertical. My wife had two surgeries as a result of this affliction, each with a total cost of about ,000 and that was more than ten years ago.

Unlike many health issues, this one is easily preventable without any use of the health care system, but rather with a modicum of common sense. but you see, common sense, while “free” is as illusive as “affordable” health care.

The irony of all this is that reasonably dealing with the vertical condition makes the supine issue truly “affordable.”

It’s time for “free” podiatrist visits!

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The sole of the matter.

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