Carimin Petroleum Berhad IPO - October 25, 2014 by zeldalegacy

Carimin Petroleum Bhd, an Oil and gas (O&G) services provider, is scheduled to be listed in Main Market of Bursa Malaysia on 10th November 2014. The Initial Public Offering (IPO) consists of 60.7 million new ordinary shares and offer for sale of 5.89 million shares at an IPO price of […]

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The equal pay war, the war on women and the left’s demeaning rhetoric - October 25, 2014 by zeldalegacy

Last year around this time we were fighting the war on women. Now as we approach the November election all we hear about is equal pay for women. If I were a woman I would be insulted that I was being used as a pawn for political gain.

I was going to write about this equal pay thing, but then recalled I already did a few months ago. I also recalled the Equal Pay Act was passed in 1963 and that the EEOC has been enforcing it ever since. The facts never seem to stop the liberal left in its efforts [yeah I know the right is good at this too] to make people feel like victims or entitled. For example, I just saw this on Facebook.

Throwing around misleading information like women earn 77% of what men earn implying that means women are discriminated against is reprehensible.

True discrimination must not be tolerated and we have laws to make that happen. What we need to stop is making fools out of uninformed voters.


Please comment on this topic, but before you do read this and this.

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Misogyny: Every Little Bit Matters - October 24, 2014 by zeldalegacy

I have been forced, through sheer volume of Twitter exposure, to learn what #Gamergate is.

I’m not a gamer. Never have been. I have no reason to take any interest at all in the internal politics of the gaming community. But there’s this stupid hashtag peppering my Twitter feed, compelling me to find out what the hell it means.

Well, sort of. I know what some of its proponents say it means and I know what basically all of its opponents say it means. To be frank, I don’t care how it started (actually, given that the term was coined by Adam Baldwin, I’m actively bummed to know how it started) or whether the original accusation of bias has any merit (seems like it doesn’t, but I’m not going to do enough research to be able to speak with any authority on that). Here’s what I care about: Gamergate, either by evolution or by design, is rife with enthusiastic misogyny. Its banner has flown above threats of rape, murder and at least one full-on terrorist attack. Feminists are the enemy and silencing them is way up there on the to do list.

If you’ve ever wondered why I have taken such a big interest in the issue of NHL ‘ice girls,’ this is why.

It’s because video games are rife with sexist tropes, and when a woman speaks too loudly about that topic she is driven from her home. Gamergate is a horror show of circular misogyny, in which a segment of the population so values its god-given right to demean women that it responds to any threat to that ‘right’ not by rethinking the practice, but rather by upping the ante and putting individual women in real danger of bodily harm (to say nothing of the relentless psychological abuse raining down on these women).

‘Ice girls’ are one part – a small part, perhaps, but a part – of why some men believe so deeply that they are more human than women are. ‘Ice girls,’ NFL cheerleaders, movie damsels in distress, video game hookers, everyone pictured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition: All are defined entirely by whether or not they’re pleasing to men, and by how men choose to react to them. This isn’t about actual sex workers, who certainly have their place in society; it’s about an overall image of womanhood that we accept, unthinking, because we’re so used to it.

Children of both genders see co-ed crews shoveling NHL ice, with the men in warm-up suits and women in sports bras and hot pants, and see that there’s a fundamental difference between what it means to be a man and what it means to be a woman, even when that man and that woman are doing the exact same job. Teens see an entire issue of the world’s leading sports magazine devoted to showing pictures of barely-dressed female models, and they learn that the sports world still caters directly, if not exclusively, to straight men. Grown men hear pundits blame women for provoking domestic abuse or muse about the commercial boost afforded by sexual assault charges, and conclude that ‘real men’ are entitled – and expected – to dominate women.

Add it up, and you get a bunch of male video game enthusiasts who simply cannot tolerate a woman trying to exert any influence over the content of those games. You get those same men, absolutely convinced that they are entitled to shut down that woman through absolutely any means, no matter how violent or cruel. After all, these intruders into the gaming world aren’t full-fledged people – they’re just women.

The best way to address this warped view is by preventing it from forming in the first place. No more placing ‘heroic’ males athletes next to scantily clad, seen-but-not-heard women. No more objectification of women in ‘family-friendly’ venues and outlets. No more making excuses for abusers just because we’d rather not view them as such. We have to demonstrate, every day and everywhere, that women are people, just the same as men are. Only by weaving that truth into the fabric of society can we start raising generations that see the world that way from the day one.

That’s not to let adults off the hook for their own bigotries. We’re grown-ups and we’re responsible for questioning and refining our own values, regardless of how they were initially formed. For those who haven’t begun that process yet, a tip: While there’s not always a clear right and wrong in every situation, if you find yourself threatening a stranger with bodily harm for expressing her opinion, then you are wrong. Most of the time, though, misogyny isn’t nearly that obvious. More often than not it comes attached to a grin rather than a snarl.

Rest assured, straight men, that feminists don’t seek to keep you from enjoying the sight of women’s bodies; rather, we’d like for everyone to remember that those bodies belong not to the men viewing them but to the women inhabiting them, and that those women have minds that deserve to be valued every bit as highly as men’s. Unfortunately, the sports and gaming worlds – and, to a slightly lesser extent, the world of pop culture – generally focus on women’s bodies to the exclusion of our minds. Little wonder, then, that those men who are most enamored with sports and gaming feel the most threatened when confronted with women who insist on being treated as more than just the sum of their physical parts.

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Financial Post Business: Class action plaintiff lawyers gain access to wiretap evidence - October 24, 2014 by zeldalegacy

Michael Osborne is quoted in the Financial Post / Legal Post article Coopting the cops: Class action plaintiff lawyers gain access to wiretap evidence, Oct. 22. 2014 “The practical effect of this decision will be to make it easier for plaintiffs to obtain evidence of price fixing, and thus easier for them to prove their case.” [...]
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Does Democracy Still Matter? - October 23, 2014 by zeldalegacy

In his June 1982 Westminster Address , which laid the groundwork for the creation of CIPE and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), President Ronald Reagan established an emerging role for the U.S. emerging as a leader in supporting democracy around the world. Today that role is being questioned. At an October 20, 2014 conference hosted by the Kennan and Foreign Policy Research Institutes,…

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2015 Social Security Cost of Living Increase (COLA) is 1.7% - October 22, 2014 by zeldalegacy

The September CPI-W is 234.170

The calculation is July, August, September average CPI-W for 2013 compared with 2014.

234.241-230.326/230.326 x 100 = 1.7%

This means Social Security benefits will increase by 1.7% for 2015

A typical monthly benefit of 00 will increase to 20

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The Role of Business Associations in Democracy - October 22, 2014 by zeldalegacy

Business associations contribute immensely to economic growth, development, peace, and prosperity. They play a key role in building inclusive entrepreneurship ecosystems and can bolster the ability of firms of all sizes to grow and create jobs. READ MORE

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Getting Creative about Saying “No!” to Corruption in Lebanon - October 21, 2014 by zeldalegacy

CIPE partner the Lebanese Transparency Association (LTA) recently wrapped up a banner month in its fight against corruption in Lebanon, using everything from stand-up comedy and mimes to one-on-one case work to deliver its “No Corruption” message. READ MORE

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Peter Greene delivers Argos Game Ball to Tackle Ovarian Cancer - October 20, 2014 by zeldalegacy

Peter Greene, Managing Partner of Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP, delivered the game ball at the Toronto Argonauts vs. Montreal Alouettes game at the Rogers Centre on Saturday, October 18.
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Class action plaintiffs can obtain wiretap evidence - October 19, 2014 by zeldalegacy

Class action plaintiffs can obtain court-ordered disclosure of wiretap evidence obtained by the Competition Bureau, Canada’s Supreme Court held today in Imperial Oil v Jacques. This decision will make it easier for plaintiffs to obtain evidence in price fixing cases by effectively allowing second-hand wiretapping. Over 220,000 intercepts The plaintiffs were seeking production from the [...]
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